The Growing Popularity of Wedding-Related Shows and how it affects different types of viewers

Albeit a slightly different type of post than what we are use to, but nonetheless will appeal to many of our readers…

Who would have thought that someday you would be able to watch on a television show brides choosing their wedding dress? Well, that is possible now. With the rise of reality shows, there has emerged TV shows portraying the toughest decision of a soon-to-be wife, picking a wedding dress. Some of these TV shows are in a successful long run, for example, Say Yes To The Dress (TLC) which had its debut in 2007, while others remain unknown or are still paving its road to success.

Needless to say, reality shows are a trend, whether it is in the United States or in a different country it is true that these kind of shows are taking over by a storm. With that said, it is important to note that other types of reality shows are already settled in the market, but this newcomer is becoming more and more popular worldwide. Therefore, using Say Yes To The Dress as an example, it is easy to notice how interesting this subject can be. Having its American premiere in the 12th of October 2007 on TLC, the show became a hit and has been broadcasted all over the world. Meanwhile, the UK version goes by the same name and had its debut in 2016, also on TLC, featuring the TV personality Olivia Buckland. The second season started in 2017 and was starred by Welsh fashion designer David Emanuel, the creator of Princess Diana’s wedding dress.

With a successful broadcast for more than 10 years, the show focus solely on the dress and how the bride will react to each and every style shown to her, or, maybe, even paying for a fashion designer to create an unique gown. Therefore, the bride, accompanied by her friends, family and, sometimes, groom, has the mission to choose a dress that fits her budget and taste. In the US version, the main star Randy Fenoli, a renowned American fashion designer, leads each episode with a light-hearted comedy and a hint of sass, capturing not only the viewers’ heart but also the customers’. In the meantime, on the other side, there’s the group brought by the bride, who ends up crying most of the time, giving their heavy and occasionally cruel criticism.

It is a common knowledge that choosing the perfect gown is like finding a needle in a haystack, thus the bride needs to visit several designers before she finds her dream dress. The US program uses that as an eye-catcher, showing the downside of the process as the bride’s choices get torn apart by her so-called helpers that make no effort at keeping it light. That’s where the UK version fails. David Emanuel, a way too kind lead, bears no effort at praising the bride’s choices, who, unlike the American ones, is always decisive in her wants and needs. Therefore, while the US version is a reality show, the UK version serves as an inspirational program that helps a bride through the hardship of choosing a wedding dress.